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Tioman 28-30 August - Hello! I am CHARLENE — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tioman 28-30 August [Sep. 2nd, 2010|12:48 pm]
Hello! Finally touched up the tioman pics.
We had to wake up super early on the saturday morning... took a cab @ 5am plus
boarded the bus @ DFS, @ around 630am.
The bus ride was very long..... we also had to take a ferry from the jetty @ Johor to tioman
it was almost 2hrs. by the time we reached tioman, it was around 1 plus 2pm.
the beach that we were stayin is paya beach resort.

we had lunch... den slacked in the room and watch movie. damn lame right
den we went tanning.

Our room


Then it was dinner, and at 10pm we went for massage
it was damn shiok! just slept through the whole thing

first day nothing much la
Second day, we went snorkelling and island hopping
Very very fun! when we set off, it was raining quite a big.
the journey was super scary, with big waves and rain. i almost thought we were going to die.
seriously. it was a very bumpy ride. like roller coaster like that. i keep screaming
before we reached our first stop already whole body wet. hahahaha

not much pics cus my digital not waterproof.

3rd stop for lunch

Aftethat, back to Paya beach, we walked to another side to tann. very pretty place. nice clear blue water
let the pics do the taking!

Baby Sea Turtles!

Last day... going back
took some last photos of the beautiful place..