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Hello 2011 [Jan. 13th, 2011|10:27 pm]
Its already 13 of JAN! omg
I am like 23 yrs old this year.
Sibei old can.


I cant believe i ended 2010 without a post...
time has been flying by real fast.

Reason why ive not really posted.
Haven really gone overseas for a long long time.
Actually i did la, went to jarkata but it wasnt really for holiday
and i was very lazy. and also went to malacca for like 2days one night in nov.

And my whole family went to bkk in Dec for 5 days and i was in singapore! boo :(

Life has kind of drastically changed for the past one month now.
Everything is kind of overwhelming
from the kind of slack life i used to have to a super chiong and stressful time now

ive gotten what i want right now
but it really isnt easy
its just a small step of the real BIG step
hope everything goes by smoothly

and to end off.
i post a photo of of new hairstyle

I will post more when i finish my examsssss